Need to find an attorney not afraid of helping me in Akron Ohio. for personal injury or lawyer malpractice?

QUESTION: my husband was in an auto accident in July 2005. we had an attorney and have found out that he dismissed the case back in August 2007 without notifying us. we are in need of an attorney to help us get back into the case and maybe even to sue the attorney which failed us. please some has to have a real answer here calling bar is useless they all buddies and do not want to take the case. this attorney did not inform us for any of his dismissal actions and my husband was service us in Iraq and I really need some help on this matter

ANSWER: First of all not all attorney's are buddies. Contact the State Bar not the local bar and find an attorney in your area. You may want to look for an attorney in a county next to yours if your worried about the buddy system. Any Civil attorney can also file a malpractice claim. Don't push the malpractice issue when setting your appointment... instead talk about the relative merits of your civil case... the attorney will see the malpractice issue. good luck


I need a good lawyer for my car accident case?

QUESTION: i need a good lawyer... my parents "hooked me up" with a family friend who was goin to do me a favor and not charge me.. DUMB move by me.. its been almost a year and nothing has been done he has doen absolutley nothing to help.. i was in a car accident may 2007.. i was hit and my car was totaled .. i was hurt pretty bad, wasnt able to work for 3 mnths.. my back is still messed up but i really just want to be done with this.. if anyone can help me wit a referal to a good fair lawyer i would really appreciate it... o .. i live in akron ohio so preferably local please.... thank you

ANSWER: GotTrouble.com provides a large database of personal injury lawyers across the United States. Nothing is more valuable than finding the right persoanl injury lawyer as soon as you can to obtain a detailed legal evaluation of your case. To locate an attorney in your area, please use the find lawyer search feature at the top of this page. Good luck!