How does one go about getting compensation from an airline?

QUESTION: I was traveling from Indianapolis to Gainsville, Florida. One stop over in Atlanta. I am disabled and they provided a wheeel chair. (I can walk some just not great distances) First in Indy they delayed us an hour and 20 minutes because supposeingly a wheel came off a plane in Atlanta) It made me late for my next flight by the time we got off the plane. They had another plane for me at 4:14. My father confirmed it from his end but the girl said I missed that one yet they were still boarding (by the way I was not on standy by) and dropped me off at one that left at 9:45 in the evening,no wheel chair or way to get around. I opened my cell when she dropped me off and it read 4:10. I could not get around unless I asked another stranger to watch my luggage which is wrong. The two gate girls refused to. I was lucky to find two for bathroom and another for a nearby food place, I also hurt so bad from sitting in one spot and walking my back hurt so bad I was crying. I also developed a bad blister on my foot from trying to get around those short distances. and had to go to Doctor during my stay. I also spent high price food money in Atlanta due to not counting on being there so late. I also had the same problems with delays on the way back but the hours were a little better but still late. Both ways my families had a hard time trying to get me. I feel they should refund my money, food and doctor bills and time and gas for my families. Do I get a lawyer or do I call the airline. I am new to this,...

ANSWER: Write a letter or email to Delta. They are required to respond by law to all complaints. You probably won't get a refund for the food and doctor, but most likely will receive a refund for the flight. Good luck!


I was hit and spun on the interstate by a semi truck on 465 in indianapolis and got stuck under the semi?

QUESTION: So the semi came into my lane and hit me and spun me around until i was lodged under his back end with his back driver side tires on the front of my car. Once i became undlodged from him i was hit head on by another car. I dont have any major injuries as of yet...just soft tissue injuries and headaches and neck and back pain but nothing that has been diagnosed as broken or anything. I do now suffer from major anxiety and i havent drove yet either. My car was totalled and we had gap coverage so we wont owe anything on the car. I am not sure what to expect at this point and don't wanna get screwed by them because of my ignorance. What is expected for an accident like this as far as pain and suffering? I really don't want to have to get a lawyer if i dont have to and just settle with the insurance company. If anyone could help me out and give me some advice on how to handle this i would appreciate it very much

ANSWER: The trucker's insurance company will pay for your car and your immediate medical expenses. If you want anything else, you'd be best off to talk with a lawyer. Insurance isn't going to pay any more than they have to.


Did my neighbors blow their house up for insurance money?

QUESTION: About a week ago, someones house about 3 miles from my house blew up from a gas explosion. The explosion damaged every house in the neighborhood and killed 2 people. The police still can't find out what exactly happened, but I have heard that the people who owned the house that blew up were gone when it happened and got a attorney or lawyer after the explosion. Did they purposely let explosive gas run and risk killing people to get insurance money?

ANSWER: http://www.latimes.com/news/nation/natio... I am guessing you are talking about the house in Indiana? My daughter lives just a few blocks from where the explosion happened. At this time, they are still investigating the loss. As for them getting a lawyer, probably a good thing, not because they could be guilty (most likely an accident), but to help them in legal matters that "might" come up due to the investigation, or to keep news media or others away. Think about it, you "assume" they did it, so many others also may believe this, so having a lawyer to help you could be a good idea. Back in 1995, my furnace caught on fire while my husband and I were in Canada. His kids were in the house having a party and when the cops and fire department showed up, seen cars and kids leaving the burning house. (They were not supposed to be there, but at their mothers house while gone). After arson investigators investigated, they found that our furnace had been faulty, so insurance paid to rebuild the house.